Rocky Jones

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1 Vinyl Sticker  
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Rocky Jones (1941-2013), Lawyer, Advocate and Activist

Burnley Allan “Rocky” Jones fought for social justice for Black and Indigenous people, and for prisoners. He was born in the Marsh, a black-dominant community in Truro, Nova Scotia. He became known as “Rocky the Revolutionary” when he joined the Black Power movement in 1965. He befriended the Black Panthers and helped establish the Afro-Canadian Liberation Movement. In the 1970s, he helped create the Dalhousie Law School Indigenous Blacks and Mi'kmaq Program. He graduated from Dalhousie University’s law program after finishing a political career as a member of the NDP. As a lawyer, he focused on Indigenous land claims, justice and educational issues and was an expert on environmental racism. Towards the end of his life, he received the Order of Nova Scotia for his contributions to human rights activism in Canada.