Corey Philippides/ Ink and Timber


About Corey

Ink and Timber, aka Corey Philippides, is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based out of Toronto. As a lifelong artist, Corey went from doodling on his dad's legal pads as a child to becoming an Illustrator and the founder of the Ink and Timber Design Studio, established in 2005.

“Ink and Timber” Design and Illustrations sprout from seeds of Hoop, Hip-Hop, Pop Culture, Street Culture, Travel, Nature and the Supernatural. Corey Philippides has a unique design style that is continually being forged from always looking to explore new avenues of art and inspiration, opening himself up to evolving new and exciting styles so his art is forever progressing, his style is never stagnant, and his designs are kept 100% fresh & funky.

You can find more designs and illustrations from Corey Philippides / Ink and Timber on Instagram!