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Speak up and make yourself heard. Art has long been a powerful advocate of change, and our customers' designs are no different.Communities everywhere turn to our custom products to enable them to amplify their voice through protests, fundraisers and charitable causes. Here are a few of their inspiring examples in action! Powerful expressions It’s been proven that actions are incredibly powerful. The gatherings, protests, and voices of action surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement have been loud enough to shake up the very foundations of how different systems operate. Stickers are an incredible way to amplify voices, and spread word among the...

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Stickers are a great tool for guerilla activists - they are affordable, creative, and get the point across. They allow small groups or individuals to use them as an outlet for self-expression to fight for what they believe in.

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For decades, graffiti and street artists have used stickerbombs to make an impression. Now you can, too!

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